Some Friendly Competition…

Some Friendly Competition… by Jean Wilson
“After a long and windy day of fishing, first at the coast at dawn for redfish, then on the lake to wash off the salt and search for some big gals, I finally started heading in at sunset.  I could see another kayak angler in the distance but couldn’t tell who it was through the misty drizzle. He called out to ask how I had done but the voice was unfamiliar. “I’m your competition!”, he yelled.
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Ha!! It was Brad (Thomas) Case, passing through Tallahassee to come try his skills at Lake Jackson and he planned to fish all night if need be! He’s been leading the pack in the yearlong River Bassin 2015 Bulldog Trailer Largemouth Bass Online Event. I recently crept up to within half an inch of him and there are other anglers close behind vying for that top spot by October 24th!
We chatted and fished together and joshed about catching a big bass in front of each other. He showed me his frogging techniques. I demonstrated my go-to lures. As I buzzed a big paddletail across the open boat trail I got a great hit and then she was gone! Brad asked incredulously, “You missed her?!” And immediately she slammed it again beside my Jackson Coosa HD. Whoa!! A good one! 23.00 inches!
Just what I needed to take the lead! For now!
Brad was gracious enough to snap a photo, help me untangle my line from the lily pads and offer congratulations. 
We wished each other well as I paddled in smiling. I’m sure he is out there in the dark enticing those big bass and having the time of his life!”
Jean Wilson also has the Big Bass for this competition, a 27.25 inch behemoth!
The winner, who will be crowned when our Championship concludes in Silver Point, TN at Caney Fork Outdoors will win a Bulldog Folding Trailer for their efforts!
You can follow along with the action right here to see how this one plays out: