Species Tournaments

Registration & Tournament begins February 1st

With so many cool black bass species, it only makes sense to highlight them each in their own unique contest. These online tournaments are also just $20 and last throughout the entire season (Feb 1 – Sept 16). However, in these events you may fish any public water type (rivers, lakes or ponds), and the winners will be determined by their biggest 5 bass of one species. New for 2018 is the “mixed bag” category, which allows anglers to score no more than 2 of any species, meaning they must catch at least three species to have a full 5-bass limit. Any angler who finishes inside the top 10 in any of these species tournaments will receive an additional 5 RBOY points (5 points max if angler’s are entering more than one). For $20 a year, and giving you a reason to target some different species, plus the chance to earn 5 very important RBOY points, they are well worth your time and money to get involved in!