Host a River Bassin’ Club Series Tournament

Thanks for your interest in partnering with River Bassin’ to host a 2018 River Bassin’ Club Series tournament. The goal of our Club Series events are to promote your club, river kayak fishing (we call this “river bassin”) and the sport of kayak fishing as a whole. We are not a competitor of any local tournament series, but rather the opposite, since we aim to drive more participation to your club and its events. We are also not a competitor of any other national tournament trail, and are willing to partner with and support those trails as well. We are unique in that we are a community, a lifestyle, an online tournament series, and are holding one big in-person Championship in 2018 (Waynesville, MO, Sept 22), where we’ll give away $75,000 in cash/prizes.

Club Series tournaments are essentially the same thing that a “River Bassin’ Qualifier” was last year, except we have re-named them so people do not get confused as to what they were “qualifying” for. Anglers fishing these events earn points in our River Basser of the Year (RBOY) and River Bassin’ Team of the Year (RBTOY) race, the same way they do in the Online River Bassin’ Regional Series events & at the Championship. The 2018 RBOY pot will be $15,000 in cash/prizes, and for the RBTOY each angler will split $8000 in cash & prizes. This should help attendance at your events, which helps promote your club, it’s causes/charities and of course increase the prize purse for your anglers as well. That’s our entire goal, to partner with you in a way that is mutually beneficial for both of us, and kayak fishing.

They are simple for your club to run; all you literally have to do is have one (or 2 max) of your tournament’s eligible water be rivers. We, of course, would love to see a 100% river tournament, so if you haven’t made your schedule yet and can make one of your events a pure river event then that would be awesome. Every kayak fishing club should have a pure river event anyway, if not more than one! Your club can hold up to 2 Club Series events within one River Bassin’ season, but they must be on different waters (not the same location). We all know that you have pride for your group of anglers and your state, so the more RB Club Series events that in your region, the better the odds that one of your members will take home the title of River Basser of the Year or River Bassin’ Team of the Year (2-man).

We ask that you simply fill out the form on at the bottom of this page, and make sure to put our River Bassin Club Series logo on your tournament page, so that people know it will also count for RBOY points. All winning anglers of a Club Series event will get a free entry into the River Bassin’ National Championship ($50 value), tentatively scheduled on September 22nd, in the Missouri Ozarks. The deadline for consideration is March 1st. Once submitted, your tournament will then show up on the River Bassin’ Tournament Trail “schedule” so that our anglers can find participating club tournaments to fish.

Here’s a tip, if you’ve yet to schedule/create a river-focused tournament for 2018. Many kayak fishing dealers would be more than happy to hold these events out of their shops, and increase your prize purse by offering some gift cards to award to anglers. We like to see events held at these shops, when possible, to thank them for what they do within the kayak fishing communities.

Most tournaments will allow fishing in the area’s rivers within a 30 to 50 mile radius, but how you set that up is your call. Some simply say you have to fish the XXXX river system and let anglers go from there. That’s fine too. Others put actual cut offs in their rules, such as “No further upstream of the HWY 20 bridge, and no further downstream of the XXX Boat Landing.”

As far as the actual running of your tournament, you run it your way, with your rules, on whichever CPR tournament site you’d like (Tourney X, iAngler, or use our software), just the way you always would. Simple. If you would like to run it via our live scoring site/software on, then email us at for more information on what it takes to get you set up.

Thanks for your interest in teaming up with us to make the entire kayak fishing community that much more of a family. Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling on your Club Series event!

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