National Championship


About the 2018 National Championship 

The 2018 River Bassin’ National Championship, held centrally in Waynesville, MO, at Ruby’s Landing, on September 22, 2018, will be one giant grand finale with $75,000 in cash/prizes being handed out! The entire River Bassin’ nation will come together in fellowship, compete and share some good times in celebration of the entire 2018 season. Many of the prizes will be handed out via our random prize categories or by spinning the popular River Bassin’ Prize Wheel, where anglers can win big or even lose a lure if they hit the wrong space! The largest of the random prizes will be two Jackson Kayak raffles. Anglers will receive one free raffle ticket with their entry into the tournament, but will have the option to purchase more raffle tickets to increase their odds. Tickets are just $10 a piece and all proceeds go towards local charities.

Of course we all know the way to a River Basser’s heart is either “free food,” or when someone says “Hey man, I know a guy who has private river access.” Let’s face it, its nearly a tie, but while the River Bassin’ Trail can’t help with the latter, it will be offering free food again at the championship for all paid anglers!

Music, games, kayak demos, vendor booths and even a live radio broadcast will be going on during the weekend as well. A full itinerary will be posted on the tournament page, which will be live in January. The River Bassin’ Store will also be set up, for those who are interested in purchasing River Bassin’ gear(hats, shirts, decals etc) or 13 Fishing rods/reels.

The entry fees will be as follows – $30 for youth division, $30 for the College Kayak Fishing division, $50 for individual division + an additional $30 to enter the 2-person team division as well, and an additional $20 to enter the new Super Team Division. Prizes are awarded in all divisions, so the more you can enter, the better your odds at finishing “in the money!” All prizes will be listed on the bottom of the tournament pages (prizes may not be finalized until mid-March so continue to check back).

Qualifying anglers for the RBOY & RBOY titles will be fishing for their final score at this event, and the winner will be crowned at the end the tournament Results Show. We will also announce the winners of all season-long online events (and award their prizes if they are there) at this event as well.

If  you’re looking to end your fishing season with a bang, this is certainly an event you will not want to miss!