River Bassin Host Application Form

River Bassin Host Application Form

We'll need all this info to process your request to be a potential host of a River Bassin Tournament Trail stop


  • For all stops we provide the service of taking away the majority of the work and headaches that come with putting on an event like this. We have over 15 years experience running leagues/tournaments and will make sure your event goes as smooth as possible so that you can focus on making relationships with new customers and growing your brand.

    What we do

    * Set up and run the tournament website
    * Take registrations, payments and refunds
    * Develop rules & enforce rules; judge the event.
    * Acquire national sponsors
    * Market the trail on a national level through major magazines, websites and our social media following, including national sponsors' social media
    * Prepare and mail an event materials and marketing posters/flyers package to you
    * Provide insurance for the trail
    * Develop software for scoring, which includes a "live scoring" smartphone component and clean/clear standings online for best possible fan and competitor experience.
    * Travel to all regional stops and have someone on phone as support to handle all local stop issues/questions if any arise

    What you do

    * You simply help us market the event locally via any means you have available - customer email list, social media, hang posters we send you, hand out smaller postcard size flyers to kayak fishing customers, contact local media or tourism board etc.
    * Open your doors and show the anglers a good time so that you can make some real face to face customer connections.
    * (optional) provide some food/snacks for anglers to enjoy
    * (optional) provide tournament anglers a discount at your shop the days or week of the tournament.
    * Hold captain's meeting the night before the event at 8:00 PM
    * Play video with event instructions from Drew
    * Keep track of angler check-in time on tournament day. Report any late anglers to the River Bassin Team member on duty for your event * Hand out prizes
    * Take photos of winners and e-mail to riverbassin@gmail.com
    * And of course have staff there to sell some product that weekend and hopefully gain customers for life...oh, and don't forget to thank everyone for attending!

    Local Stops = $1000 product/gift card commitment that we give away as prizes + the option to contribute up to $250 cash, which we will match = $500 + gift cards/product to winners.

    Regional Stops = $1000 in product/gift card commitment + a kayak donation (at cost from Jackson Kayak, approx $500) + the option to donate up to $500 as a cash purse (turning your stop into a Super Regional). We contribute thousands in prizes from national sponsors as well as $1000 in cash. The kayak you provide we do not give away to the winner (who may just sell it back into your market) but rather raffle it off with some proceeds going to charity.

    Super Regional= Everything a regional stop commits except a minimum of a $500 cash purse contribution that we will match, which will mean $2000 of cash will be given away at your event since we bring $1000 cash to every regional event from our sponsors. Plus, a Super Regional guarantees that Drew Gregory will be there to host the event as the MC. Date must be confirmed of course.

    National Championship= With only one per year the details/negotiations of the championship will be handled directly with the river basin staff. However, no shop can be in the national championship discussion without first being a "regional" for at least one year to prove their business and location is capable of putting on a grand event and has the waters and community surrounding it that will also embrace it.
  • You can choose to do this later. The reasoning behind this option is that we know this will draw more competitors to your event, which will make it a bigger and better marketing effort for your business. We're willing to match what you put up to ensure that you know we're behind you 100% and want to see your event be as great as possible to grow both your brand and ours.
  • If so, list their contact info below so we can contact them about coming to your area, and how we can best promote the region through our event. If they end up contributing funding to your tournament stop we will use a percentage of the funding to put up as winning "cash" for your stop which will help get more anglers to your event.
  • For example. "We have 6 demo fishing kayaks that we'll offer any registered angler to use for free - first come first serve" or "We can provide shuttles to certain sections of the XXXX River"