August 15th – Uhrichsville, OH Local Event

Uhrichsville, OH is getting ready for River Bassers to arrive for their event on Saturday August 15th and they’ve got some fun lined up before and after the tournament.


First up will be some live acoustics at 311 Wine Room on Thursday. The 311 Wine Room is right across the street so any anglers pre-fishing this event should stop by, enjoy some tunes and meet Aaron White who is our host and operates Stillwater Outfitters.


Your next chance to hang out and enjoy Uhrichsville, OH is Friday night where Dustin Legg will open up for Sean Kelley & The Ohio Jukes on stage by the beer garden in town and brick oven pizzas will be served!  You’ll also be able to pick up your identifier for Saturday’s event and maybe even some info about the local waterways before hitting the river.


As with all the other events, there is no mandatory morning registration on event day.  Anglers will be expected to be back to Stillwater Outfitters in Uhrichsville by 3:30 PM after their day on the water where a local church will be running a BBQ stand while the rest of the fish are submitted to the system and the event is closed out.


So come on out and enjoy a few days in Ohio while fishing your way to the River Basser of the Year and River Bassin Team of the Year titles!

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