The River Bassin Trail is simply an affordable tournament trail for river bass fishing anglers of all types. Whether you’re a beginner or a hard core tournament angler there is a reason to come have some fun with us at some of the tour stops. It matters not if you fish out of a kayak, canoe, float tube or other similar man-powered watercraft. We just want people to see and respect the beauty of our nation’s rivers so that they’re taken care of and given the attention they deserve for future generations to also enjoy.

Each tour stop across the country is affordable and family friendly; they’re held in areas with great rivers and are put on and hosted by people and towns that also care about the resource and have built their lively hoods around it.

You can read all the full rules here but the simple breakdown on how it works is as follows. You of course sign up, register and pay through this site for the event/s you’d like to attend. You can register in one of three divisions – Individual, team and youth. Then, once registered, show up on Friday night before the event to attend the captains meeting at the assigned location listed on that tournament page. You can find the tournaments on the schedule page. At this meeting the host of the stop will quickly go over the detailed rules and you will get your photo “identifier” which will have to be in all of your fish photos. To learn more about how to take your photos I’d read this. On Saturday morning you simply go fish any river or creek within the boundaries of that tour stop. By 3:30pm return back to the host location where they’ll usually have some food and a good time waiting for you as you submit your scores back into this site via web or smartphone. Once all the photos are in and the results are “official” then winners will be awarded prizes right there on the spot.

For those who are a little more serious about tournaments you’ll want to know that you’ll get “series points” based on how you finish at all the “local stops” and even more at “regional stops.” These points will increase your position in the “Series Standings.” The standings will be important come River Bassin National Championship time; the higher you’re ranked, the greater your chance to win “River Basser of the Year,” which is the highest honor on the trail. ┬áThe winner will be made known at the National Championship. Over $70,000 will be given away during this trail and the River Basser of the year will receive a healthy prize package totaling at least $4000.